A Personal Journey

Since starting a routine of yoga, my life has changed dramatically. The consistent practice has not only altered my perceptions on the body, but also of the mind. For the past 7 years, I have focused more on my health and happiness than ever before.

After my practice surpassed the year mark, I was noticing serious transformations. I’m talking changes on the inside And out. My body was stronger and more flexible than ever before. Muscles I did not know existed were sore and developing.

Aside from the obvious physical changes, my mind was also experiencing something extraordinary. It seemed as though my vibrational frequency had risen intensely and the world around me appeared brighter and more enjoyable. The simple routine of practicing asanas had given me a more positive outlook on life. I slept better, ate healthier, thought more positively and was all together a happier person.

I do not only offer my friends and loved ones the knowledge and power of a regular yoga practice, but also aspire to inspire anyone and everyone. Yoga has taught me that there are absolutely NO limitations in life. The only ones that exist are the ones that we create for ourselves! It’s time to break free from those chains of doubt and fear, and let your light shine bright like the sun. Stretching, deep, rhythmic breathing and a zen spot are all you really need.

Yoga is a never-ending learning experience. There is an infinite number of lessons and plethora of knowledge to be learned over a lifetime with your practices. I can guarantee it will nourish your soul and your body, just as it has for me. Namaste friends.

~ Liz

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