5 Minute Meditation

~Find a comfortable seat, either in a chair or on your mat. Resting your hands palms faced down on the knees, gently roll your shoulders up and back slightly lifting the chest. Take a deep inhale and feel your spine lengthen up through the crown of your head. Close your eyes taking a deep inhale through the nose and slowly exhale all of the breath out. Take a few more breaths here. Expanding your lungs with each inhale, and gently exhaling all of the air out.

~On your next inhale, stretch your right arm out to the side, sweeping it up towards the sky. Reach up and over to the left, gently stretching the right side of the body. Make sure to keep the shoulders relaxed here. Exhale, and release as much air out of your lungs as you can without straining. Inhale one more time, and upon exhale slowly bring your right arm back around and gently place your hand onto your knee. Repeat on the left side.

~I like to repeat this series of movements and breath many times. Often at the end of my meditation, I will inhale both arms out to each side and up towards the sky and exhale my palms to my heart. I do this many, many times- until I feel content. With each inhale, I like to think of something specific that I am grateful for.

Inhale * I am thankful for my wonderful family and all of their love * Exhale * Inhale * I am so thankful to have an enjoyable job and the opportunity to go to work everyday * Exhale

This gentle practice will help you to relax and clear the mind of any stress or worry. I recommend this meditation at least once a day! It can be in the morning after you wake up, or even right before bed. Any time is a good time to meditate.


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