to the light side. Where growth is promoted, ideas are shared and positive connections are made. A safe space you are welcome to come at anytime for knowledge, empowerment, interesting facts and hopefully a smile.

Here at Earthrebel.com we share the views of ancient philosophers, accredited researchers, global yoga teachers and much more. Promoting wellness in all areas of existence and spreading the joys of life in as many different ways possible. Our goal is to promote organic wellness through knowledge and lots of love. Educating the masses about physical and metaphysical health, yogic philosophy, interesting facts about the food industry,  and some tips on how to live an authentic life.

Rebellious in nature, we want to bring more awareness or even shed new light on subjects that are refused by the mass media. Delving into some key issues we (society) are unfortunately facing. Limitless in our endeavors, our efforts through this venture of truth and justice will hopefully strike a positive chord with you and your quest for honesty in the world. Opening up possibilities for change through education, acceptance and pro-active solutions.

Have you ever desired positive change regarding the direction we are headed as a human race? Maybe it is a small shift in your hometown’s perspective on nature conservation. Or possibly you long to help solve the larger issue of eliminating the major food manufacturer’s ability to stock our grocery stores with processed food options and genetically modified vegetables. Well we are here to tell you that it is possible! These changes can and will happen… but there is a trick to it. All change can happen by turning our focus inward and bettering ourselves. Once we begin to understand how special and powerful each of us are individually, we can step out to share our light and healing energies with each other. It is going to take some time, but what greater gift do we have than creating lasting results and paving history?

We are here to create a solution and make a difference. Acting locally, reaching out globally and standing together to set everything into a beautiful motion. Striving to maintain diversity among topics is important to us, so any recommendations or feedback you have regarding health and wellness will be graciously accepted.


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