“Good Vibrations”

Over the years, there has been a steady increase of information regarding vibrational frequency and the effects it has on each of us. How awesome is that? This expansion of knowledge over our vibrational frequencies as human beings has caused a wonderful ripple effect across the globe. Has anyone ever asked you if you felt a “shift in energy” upon entering a building or space? Ever gotten the heebie-jeebies walking downtown in the evening, or to your car after work? What are these “good vibes” people are supposedly putting out? Whether good or bad, each of us innately has the ability to transform our energy to a negative or positive state of being.

For those who have not heard of this “vibrational frequency” I am speaking of, it can be described as the collective energy of your life’s essence. It is the culmination of a person’s inner thoughts, emotions and complete being. Every part of the universe vibrates at its very own energetic frequency. Animals, plants, humans, the kitchen table, your yoga mat… It all has it’s own vibration! As humans, we have the ability to directly influence how we feel, how we make others feel, and the manor in which our futures will unfold. How is that possible? Using our thoughts to initiate a certain feeling or circumstance can either positively or negatively affect the level at which we are [and will continue] vibrating. It is as simple as a thought or a word. The emotion we put behind what we are saying or doing. One’s actions, vocabulary, diet and personal choices hold the power in lowering or raising their energetic field.

Above I have noted a few different examples of how this “energy” surrounding us can get higher or lower, but with those come greater depths of understanding. Some of the basic acts of our daily lives such as dancing, singing, and laughing contribute to raising our individual frequency. As far as emotions are concerned, feelings of gratitude, kindness and forgiveness also serve as a positive contribution to our vibration. At the other end of the spectrum, actions stemming from feelings of resentment or anger can drastically lower the frequency at which we are vibrating. Holding onto those negative emotions for extended periods of time can be detrimental to our overall health. Positive or negative, these components first shift the vibrational field of our being, merging into our inner thoughts and lastly manifest through us physically. With all of this in mind, we can begin to take our other surroundings in mind and recognize how we might be affected by it all. For example, if someone is living in a densely populated area where there are a plethora of automobiles and factories, the pollution within the city might have a negative effect on the person’s energy field. Another factor is our choice of food and hydration. If you consume a nutrient-rich diet of vegetables, avoiding processed sugars and such; there is a phenomenal chance that your vibrational level is growing higher from the food. What we eat and drink everyday is fuel to our body; even the parts we cannot see. My final example is quite a big one in my opinion, and is something that we may already know. A work environment and the relationships we create within them can have a major impact on our overall health. Whether we are close to co-workers or maintain a healthy distance with them, the people we work with everyday might still be directly or even indirectly influencing the level of our energy. If our co-workers are unhappy, or enjoy to gossip, this can be harmful for our surrounding work vibration. On the other hand, if they stay focused on the tasks at hand with a positive mentality, or openly share their future aspirations and life goals with us, these scenarios could be beneficial to one’s own personal growth.

As you can imagine, everything from the people we know to the food we eat can either prove to be toxic for our energetic and physical bodies or help us grow and thrive on this journey through life. The difference in how we react or respond to outside energies is slight, but has the power to change our world. How amazing is it that we have the power to utilize our thoughts and actions to set into motion a greater state of existence.


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