The Truth

We’d like to share with you the truth about food.
Decadent, delicious and sometimes deadly.

Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between our health and the food we eat. This should be no surprise. But did you know that food has proven to not only affect our bodies, but also affect our mental health and even alter our DNA? Let’s start with the number one culprit… SUGAR.

Consuming high amounts of sugar can cause a number of serious ailments to the body. Ranging from tooth decay, fatigue, anxiety, depression, diabetes and even cancer. And one of the hardest things to accept – sugar is in almost everything! Salad dressing, soups, sauces, soft drinks. You name it, it probably contains sugar. Over the decades companies have manipulated sugar into different forms, fitting a broad spectrum of food products. Here are some simple forms of sugar you might see on your ingredient labels at home:

  • Fructose (most natural form/derived from fresh fruits)
  • Dextrose (processed form/derived from corn)
  • Sucrose (bleached, processed and refined for human consumption/derived from cane or sugar beets)
  • Maltose (produced when glucose is caramelized or is artificially created)
  • Lactose (derived from dairy products)

Constant sugar consumption can create cravings, and these cravings can quickly become addiction. It sounds crazy — sugar addiction — but it is real and it’s a major problem facing society. So we become addicted to the sugar, what’s next? We want more. We buy more. The cycle continues. The big companies who run the sugar show gain profit as people consequentially begin suffering from it.

It can be difficult to grab hold of the reigns again and take our life back from the sugar culprits, but it is possible. Dedicating our efforts towards a healthier lifestyle is definitely the top priority in this situation. We deserve the fullest, happiest lives the universe has to offer us. So we must begin to work towards just that.

Avoiding processed foods, such as candy, pastas, grains and sweet drinks should be the first to go. Limiting, if not eliminating completely, fast food is also a big step in acheiving any health goals. Focusing on the natural, whole food options are our best chance to a healthier, happier body and mind. Grass-fed or plant based proteins, natural (complex) carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds will help pave the way on this food journey.