Big shout out to Liz for the relaxing Prenatal yoga class. I had never been to a yoga class, let alone a prenatal yoga class, but Liz was fantastic. Her voice is very calm and soothing as she walks you through class. She goes above and beyond!

– Janneth Verduzco

Awesome instructor for any level! Loved every class I took! Highly recommend!

– Heather Bourland

Exactly what my body needs! Being apart of the CrossFit cult, I Truly believe mobility is a key to performance! Esp. after 1 of those death-defying work-outs, it’s a great way to get slow the heart rate, focus on breathing, all while getting post-wod mobility. Liz is really good at what she does, keeping the movements simple but challenging. Namaste.

– Jon Pino

I am new to yoga and Liz took the time out to help me experience yoga without any pressure. She is an excellent instructor and made me want to take more classes.

– Elsa Alonzo

I did Prenatal yoga with Liz and absolutely loved it! She not only is very knowledgeable about what she teaches but has a way about her to make you feel completely comfortable! I HIGHLY recommend taking a class with her!

– Alexis Sampson

“Liz has a depth of knowledge, not only in yoga, but in wellness too. She encourages me to live a healthful life. I love her weekly affirmations that always give me a gentle reminder to live in love. As a teacher, Liz is tender, caring and truthful. Believe in yourself and let your weirdness shine through, my sweet Lillibet!!”

– Alex Tomkins