Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is not just a practice — it is a tradition.

The history of Yoga is a detailed and complex, yet beautiful composite. When it all began, no one really knows. Who developed the glorified life practice, who is to say. But what we can conclude from it’s history is how genuinely meaningful and precious Yoga is to the world. For the world.

As diverse as yoga seems today (especially in the west), it is important for us to remember the original roots. Understanding the different eras of yoga is a wonderful place to begin. So lets start with a broad outline…


Listed above are distinct time periods of which yoga has made a serious stamp on humanity. (Click each Yoga Era to see a more in-depth explanation of each one.)

There is a final Yoga period that I might mention, which is to be considered Modern Yoga. Serving as the present-day culmination of the yoga lifestyle, practice and culture. Though it is as relevant as the previous Era’s — we are here to see, feel and experience it all first hand. I think it is especially important to shift our focus more towards the traditional roots of how it all began to get a better understanding altogether.