Meet the Earth Rebel Team

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to view our site. Words cannot express how much that truly means to us! So without further ado, we’d like to introduce the Earth Rebel team. Consisting of nomads, yogis, computer geeks and anything in-between, our team welcomes everyone. Come one, come all!




Meet Liz ~

Yoga teacher, dog lover and health nut. Liz contributes important nutritional facts to Y+W, informing the masses with key elements to maintaining our mental and physical well-being. Serious and sometimes tough to digest, you can guarantee a hearty bite of health, exercise and philosophical brain food from this one! When she’s not blogging about vegetables, Liz can be found at a local juice bar or meditating with crystals.






Meet Michael ~

Survivalist, tech-extraordinaire and artist of the group. Michael shares a wide array of topics with Y+W, from the benefits of Tai Qui, factual info on world politics, and promotes awareness of world religion. Outside of the collaboration with the Earth Rebel team, he can be found leading adventures through the mountains and making music.





Meet Madison ~

Chef in the making, nature lover and avid day dreamer. She is happiest when meditating, gardening, or creating fresh recipes in the kitchen. Educating others on living a healthy lifestyle is her passion. You can expect healthy recipes and thoughtful reflections from this Earth Rebel. Her goal in life is to inspire change in people’s hearts so the world can be a more peaceful place.