Relax & Rejuvenate

Soft Belly Meditation

Find yourself in a comfortable seat or reclined position.

Bring awareness to your breath and begin to notice sensations through the breath and body. From the crown of the head start to relax down through the forehead, the eyes, the cheeks, jaw, neck and shoulders.

Inhale feel the chest rise. Exhale the chest, shoulders and belly relax.

Continue breathing with a soft, relaxed belly and begin this mantra:

Inhale think the word soft. Exhale and think the word belly

Inhale soft, exhale belly.

Allow thoughts to leave the mind and settle deeper into a gentle awareness.

Inhale soft, exhale belly.

With each breath softening more and relaxing deeper into a calm and serene state.

This meditation can help rejuvenate the body and the mind;

Moving oxygen deeper into the lungs and filling the blood with prana, or life-force.

*Inhale soft, exhale belly.*




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