Overcoming Obstacles

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

I posses the strength and wisdom to overcome any obstacle.

Reflect on a challenge you recently faced or are currently facing. What obstacles stood, or stand, in your way of overcoming this challenge? Take some time to delve into these issues that appear to be blocking your path.

Now, take some time to reflect on solutions for these blockages. How can we realistically overcome these challenges and continue forth on our journey positively?

Addressing our troubles and brainstorming positive ways to overcome them is a brilliant practice! It is healthy to address our issues, as long as we are aware of how we are doing it and how we can move past them in a light hearted and uplifting manor.

No one is perfect, and accomplishing this on a regular basis can be a challenge in itself, so it is important not to get down on ourselves in lower times. But the conscious awareness of our behavior and attitude towards disharmony ultimately add up day by day, becoming virtuous [baby] steps in the right direction!



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