Creating Happiness

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

I recognize that happiness is a state of mind and I embrace creating it for myself.

What makes you happy? When you read that question what pops into your mind?

**i.e.: This semesters the professors made classes more enjoyable than ever.                     My sports car makes me so happy. Our new puppy fills my heart with joy!**

Please feel free to write a few thoughts down
or take mental note of what comes to mind.

Taking a few steps back from the examples above and the list you’ve created — Look at our affirmation once more. I recognize that happiness is a state of mind and I embrace creating it for myself. Lets break this down a bit:

  • I recognize

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge the fact that we really do create our own reality. Whether it is happy, sad, confused or indifferent – we create it ourselves FOR ourselves!

  • Happiness is a state of mind

Plain and simple. Happiness is a state that is easy to fall in and out of. For instance, you wake up and have an amazing morning at home, but as soon as you get out on the road someone cuts you off! Yes, that was rude and potentially dangerous. However, we have the CHOICE to act upon those feelings of intrusion and danger with compassion or disgust. Initially it is upsetting, but 5 minutes later we could be down the road jamming out to our favorite song. The choice is yours!

  • I embrace creating it for myself

Now this is a two-part breakdown. Creating happiness is a very common misconception. As we live and breathe in 2017 products are being pushed onto us, upgrades from home decor to the latest technology is glamorized and the “instant gratification” factor these things have created is driving us into an impatient, unmindful and ill-tempered state of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. Aside from the societal factors, we also assume that objects, occasions or other people have the ability to make us happy. Keywords: make us happy. It is important to recognize that other people or objects can affect our happiness, but only WE, ourselves, are able to truly create any happiness. Once we know this, embracing the fact is what gives us the ability to create lasting happiness!

So… what makes you happy?  🙂



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