To Feel Alive

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

I feel exhilarated and alive.

What gets your heart racing and your adrenaline going? Take some time with your memories and create a list of potential experiences.

  • Do your pulse jump thinking about a ski trip?
  • Are you ecstatic about a sweet hike in the mountains
  • Do you light up when planning a road trip with your friends?

Those examples sound exciting, but I also encourage you to think of more casual activities. Lets brainstorm a few more outings we could indulge in throughout our regular work week.

  • Do you enjoy singing?  Grab some friends and head to a Karaoke Bar!
  • When’s the last time you rode a roller coaster? Fiesta Texas is 15 minutes away!
  • Enjoy poetry?  Discover a local poetry reading in town!

There are limitless ways to rediscover that rush of excitement we once felt as children. You know, that curiosity and desire of new hobbies and sometimes scary [yet brave] series of “first-time” adventures. What we forget is that those feelings and opportunities are still there. Sometimes we just need a reminder and possibly a nudge to get us out of our shell and into the wild!



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