I Create The Life I Desire

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

Imagine the life you ultimately desire?

Now think.. what is stopping you from achieving those goals??

When we dream about what our life could be, are we really just limiting ourselves to what we BELIEVE we are capable of?

Let’s shift our perspective to a greater light. Think of your ultimate life goals, and consider a pathway to achieving them! No one makes it to the top of the mountain without hitting a few bumps in the road or veering off the path a bit. It is only natural for us to become easily distracted and deter from what we’ve originally began moving towards. YOU ARE HUMAN. But don’t let those distractions hold you hostage.. life is too short to mind the small stuff. So again, I ask – Imagine the life you ultimately desire.

And don’t let anything stand in your way!



  • Make a plan, a guideline, and stick to it.


  • Hold yourself accountable. Don’t punish yourself when you get off track, but stay mindful of when you have and take steps to realign with your goals


  • Create a reward system. Honor your progress by treating yourself with compassion and a celebration!




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