You Are Worthy

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

I am worthy of adoration — from myself and others.

I accept that I was a different version of myself yesterday, I embrace who I am today, and I am open to the differences that will exist in me tomorrow.

Do you ever look into the mirror and send yourself less than pleasant thoughts? While strolling through the city, or at the shopping mall, do you end up comparing yourself to other women or men? Do you ever experience the thoughts or feelings that you are “not good enough”?

News Flash Earth Rebel..

You are worth it!!

(L’Oréal has been telling us for years!)

Societal pressures of having the perfect body type, rocking the newest styles, sporting the coolest ride… these are unrealistic expectations. Not to mention maintaining relationships with friends, family and significant others. Maybe a longtime friendship has turned sour, or a once loving relationship is now more toxic than beneficial. It is time to recognize that the ONLY expectations we need to be mindful of are our OWN! What we think of ourselves and how we feel about ourselves are the only meaningful opinions that truly matter.

Your worth is not defined by someone else’s standard or judgement – you deserve more than an outsider’s acceptance! How you view yourself is more glorious and holds more power than anything else in this world…

to some self-love and kindness.




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