Your Divine Essence

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

I am a spiritual being. I am Divine in nature.

What do you consider yourself? Think of some unique terms that best describe you. For example: Strong, capable, intelligent, beautiful, courageous, joyful, creative, patient, etc.

I’d like to let you in on some sweet knowledge.. even if you named some adjectives aside from those examples, it is important for you to know – you are all of those things.

No matter what “God” you associate your beliefs with, you are a divine creature of LIFE. And that is universal. You are an elemental composition made from billions of tiny atoms and have the ability to think, feel and act as you wish. Increíble! How we achieved this curious and complex form, we may never have the privilege of knowing… but we are what we are and that is all that we need.


So, beautiful creature of water, light and spirit – what makes today wonderful for you? What are you happy about in your life? What is special and unique of you as an individual?? Ponder upon these questions, fellow earth dweller rebel, for we have some gratitude to feel and some love to share.

Today is a great day to be alive.. lets live it ∞

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