I Am A Creator

• Thoughtfull Thursday •

I am a creator. The power and potential to create the life I desire is limitless.

What is your ultimate desire in this life? What accomplishments do you long to achieve??

Now is the time to rediscover your desires, goals and dreams! If you are already on a path of intention, what is driving you to be better? What actions do you take to manifest your future endeavors?
When we take the time to ask ourselves these questions and reflect, we grant ourselves the opportunity to alter our realities and create new options for the future. Is there something new that inspires us to change the direction we were previously heading? Have we discovered a new passion in life, or have our initial dreams diminished as we’ve matured? The slightest changes in our lives can affect everything on a mass scale, so it can be helpful to stay mindful throughout our life journey.

Awareness is key! When we keep these (mindfulness and awareness) in our practice, on and off the yoga mat, it is almost as if we are giving ourselves more time. Living and existing deeper into the present moment and reflecting on the things we truly want or desire.
So, manifest your dreams angels!!


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