Releasing The Past To Live Fully

• Thoughtfull Thursday •
I release the past and live fully in the present moment.
Guilt. Some of us carry it around as if it was literally a coat or a bag. Holding onto it whenever we remember to grab it.. and as each day passes the weight of our guilt grows heavier and heavier on our shoulders.
Forgiveness. A practice that we often give to others, but forget to show ourselves. Forgiveness for past mistakes, accidents, and misunderstandings. What we must remember is that forgiveness is one of the keys to our happiness and peace of mind.
The next time a distasteful thought arises in your mind from the past, I challenge you to graciously let it pass and allow yourself the comfort of releasing its hold on your consciousness.
You deserve more than an unhappy reminder – you deserve your own acceptance and  permission to move forward with a lesson learned and your head held high.
Time to live in the present moment fully friends!

2 thoughts on “Releasing The Past To Live Fully

    • lizcharlamain says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing Sherryn! Part of the reason we post affirmations on Earth Rebel is to remind ourselves as well 🙂 The world can create so much mental clutter for us, that we simply forget to breathe and live our lives in the moment.


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