I Am Successful

• Thoughtfull Thursday •
Today I am successful. Tomorrow I will be successful. Everyday I am successful!
Focus on something you have accomplished. One day, in the past, you created a goal in your mind and you know what? You went out and ACCOMPLISHED it! You followed through and one way or another you were successful in your efforts.
Now think of something that you are currently aspiring to achieve. Reflect on what progress you’ve already made, and brainstorm ways that you can move forward to accomplish that goal. Get creative with your efforts and shoot for the stars.
Lastly — I encourage you to reflect on your past and present accomplishments. Go over the aspirations that you’ve succeed in manifesting, as well as the goals you are currently pursuing. Think about what you had to do in order to accomplish those dreams, and think of things that you can continually do to keep on creating.
I challenge you to think of a NEW goal to work on achieving.. Something that you have thought about, but have not put in the effort to go after. Or perhaps something that had crossed your mind, but you had not considered taking the aspiration to the next level in manifesting.
Life doesn’t always play out the way we want or expect it to.. But it is important to recognize the fact, and continue moving forward. Pursuing our goals can be challenging and tough, but it also has the potential to take us to places we never dreamed of going!
Let your dreams take you Earth Rebel!

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