Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Did you know that the raw and unprocessed form of chocolate, or cacao, is actually beneficial to your health? We have been led to believe that consuming chocolate is unhealthy and a major no-no in our personal journeys of health and happiness. Despite large corporations pushing to sell mass amounts of over processed candy (i.e. halloween, easter, etc.), there is a major miscommunication here regarding chocolate in general.

I’d like to share with you one of my all time favorite indulgences – the Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Dark Chocolate. As the picture shows, this chocolate contains 59% Cacao, is certified organic and has an essence of Lavender in each tasty bite. The higher percentage of natural Cacao the chocolate provides, the healthier it essentially is. I find this specific brand at my local Sprouts Famers Market. Below I have listed a few benefits of this decadent treat.. In hopes that shifting your perspective on this tasty topic might make you feel a little less guilty on your next indulgence.


+ Contains Essential Vitamins & Minerals: magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium
+ Good concentration of Antioxidants + Contains Serotonin!
+ Other facts— Can increase blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, enhances focus (caffeine), and is most potent if eaten in it’s raw form (as cacao nibs or seeds)



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