The Acknowledgement & Letting Go of Emotions

• Thoughtfull Thursday •
I observe my emotions without getting attached to them.
On The Mat –
During our Yoga and Meditation practice we have the ability to miss out on the present moment because we are so enveloped in our own thoughts. In these moments, it is a wonderful time to practice non-attatchment and release these chains of thought and emotion. By allowing our minds to rest during our practice, we can begin to feel more at ease and really EMBRACE the stillness and peace.
Recognize when your mind begins to wander and find yourself lost in thought. Acknowledge what your feelings and possible to-do list and let it go for the time being. Allow yourself a peaceful and dedicated meditation or yoga session by letting go of your thoughts and practicing non-attachment.
Off The Mat –
In day-to-day situations, it can be almost too easy to let our emotions get the best of us. Whether we haven’t eaten and become “Hangry” or someone at work is hassling us to get more work finished.. In times of dis-ease, it is important to address our emotions, or the emotions of those around us, acknowledge the situation that is affecting said “emotions” and let them go.
Tune in to the true nature of a situation by addressing the current thoughts or emotions flowing, acknowledge the situation and let it all go. By practicing non attachment to harsh or unfavorable feelings we are saving ourselves from stress and a potential loss of positive and productive energy.
Our thoughts and emotions only have as much power as we give them! Chose to feed yourself the healthier and happier feels and thoughts 🙂

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