Pahoa, Hawaii

On March 1st I boarded a plane to visit the breath-taking island of Hawaii.


Day 1 of my trip to the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands was spent exploring downtown Hilo, Hawaii. The streets were peacefully buzzing with people from all walks of life. Everyone was either walking to the beach, visiting the farmers markets (which were everywhere), enjoying a fresh and locally sourced lunch, or tourist shopping. My two girlfriends and I grabbed some iced coffee’s and acai bowls before visiting a few street vendors. Fresh fruit covered every block at the lowest costs, local eateries offered healthy and creative food options, and the shops throughout the area were filled with quirky clothing, hibiscus flowers and metaphysical trinkets.

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As the evening approached we met up with two other women at the Hilo airport to carpool to the gorgeous Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center located in Pahoa, Hawaii. It was a beautiful 45 minute drive to our destination. Full of ocean views, lush green forests and farmland.The five of us were heading to what we later find to be one of our most cherished experiences, YogaCara’s 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.                *Click here to read about YogaCara’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Returning to the Hawaiian Islands is already back on my list before the year ends. This trip was not only breathtaking, but truly life-changing. But don’t just take my word for it.. The serenity of the ocean and lush greenery is something you MUST see for yourself!


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