85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Where do I even begin?

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Words can not describe the level of love and appreciation I have for each of the women I shared the Prenatal training with. YogaCara’s program was not only educational, but proved to be more inspiring and empowering than I imagined.

Part of Yoga Teacher Trainings is learning how to effectively teach asana (postures), how to hold comforting space for our students and learn the proper ways to offer modifications and adjust students to practice yoga safely. In the end we learn all of that technical stuff, but we also are given so much more. We are given the gift of yoga. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “Union”.

During the program we developed the most meaningful bonds with each other; learning from and growing with one another. Being a Prenatal program, the vibes were sweet and motherly. We found comfort in each others presence and grew empowered through our femininity. Reciting numerous visualization meditations, we found a deeper sense of who we are as women and how the birthing process has been since the dawn of time. We  practiced chanting specific mantras that instilled strength and love for ourselves and our “babies”. The books assigned to us (Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives by Deepak Chopra and Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful: Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and Birth with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation by Khalsa, Gurmukh Kaur) were insightful on how sacred and moving both the journey of pregnancy and the birthing process are.

YogaCara’s training expanded my mind in ways that looking back I can only smile from. How do you teach the same postures to a women in her 3rd Trimester as you would someone in a regular yoga class? By creating shapes. Imagine the same postures from a different angle. How do you read a meditation to your class without it sounding robotic or monotoned? You speak the words from your heart, connecting through the unity of love and understanding. For we all come from the same place. A mother’s womb.

The continuing education course was not necessarily for educating us on the physical practice of the yoga we might teach in the future, but more of an experience in itself. Reading, writing and sharing ideas from our books and the prenatal classes we took. Sitting in a quiet stillness, growing to appreciate the silence and how to share that contentment with others.

This training honestly changed my life, and helped me connect to a                              deeper part of my being. As a daughter, as a women.



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