Accept, Allow

Have you done any meditating this week? If you have, what is your focus? Do you offer yourself an affirmation before you begin? Here ~ have a seat and meditate with me.

Often times we don’t give ourselves time to sit down and relax into a more serene state. We are always on the move, always thinking about something, always have a project, etc.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Settle into a quiet, comfortable area. Close your eyes and begin relaxing into the space, focusing only on each breath as it goes in and as it goes out. As you breathe, let the minds chatter gently fade out. No need to force it out, just allow it drift out of your head. Let go of the meditator, that voice telling us what to think or how to feel. Breathe – those distractions no longer exist. Allow yourself to relax. Relinquish control, and bring your focus to only your breath. Inhale, and Exhale. Sink deeper into the calming state of relaxation. Allow everything to be as it is, keeping a mindful and steady breath. Rest. Relax. Allow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shikantaze is one of our favorite meditations to practice, and share with others when we have the chance. It is also called “Allowing Everything to Be as it Is”. While practicing this meditation it’s important to really STOP and allow ourselves to let go. It does not only direct us to keep mindful breath, but to let go of the meditator (that voice inside our head) and allow the stillness to take us in. When you “relinquish control” you get the opportunity to truly relax and embrace “everything as it is”.

Are you able to quiet your thoughts in a meditation? Or does the mind begin to wander? Well when it happens, just remember..

“Rest, relax, and allow”




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