Big Bend National Park

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What a majestic place ~ West Texas. Traveling through Big Bend National Park is truly an incredible experience. Placing in the Top 15 largest National Parks in the United States, Big Bend is home to thousands of different animals, plant species, and holds a great number of adventures for you and your travel mates.

Some badass facts on the Park:
  • Established June 12, 1944
  • 801,163 acres
  • 1,400 protected Archeological sites
  • 76 Historic Structures
  • 10 Historic Districts
Big Bend is home to:
  • 3,500+ insect species
  • 1,200+ plant species
  • 450 bird species
  • 75 mammal species
  • 56 reptile species
  • 40 fish species
  • 11 amphibian species
  • Hiking Mountain Trails
  • Rafting the Rio Grande
  • Long-Distance Bicycling
  • Scenic Routes (multiple hrs)






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