200hr Yoga Teacher Training with YogaCara

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When I began looking for a teacher training in 2014, I slowly developed a list of necessities to find the right one. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of yoga teacher trainings around the world… how was I supposed to choose just one? After searching the internet thoroughly for 4 months, I began to narrow the options and took more time to reflect on each program. It is one thing to have the desire to take a teacher training, and another to actually find the right one and get there! So much goes into this decision. The moment you decide that becoming a yoga teacher is something you’d like to do – this is the moment when your journey really begins as a teacher.

Is the program all-inclusive? Are they Yoga Alliance accredited? What is the cost of the plane ticket? How long is the program? How many people will be there? How early do I need to fly in? What is the time difference? We are faced with so many questions, and a bit of uncertainty in this process. Questions were piling up in my mind, so I began making lists. Each time I found a program that I was really into, I would contact the lead instructor and ask away. The ease that comes from having all of those iffy questions answered was very settling. Taking my time to contact my top picks was crucial in my final decision.

Not only did the teachers at YogaCara answer all of my Q’s, they also offered additional information about the location and class schedule. Aside from personal emails back-and-forth, the YogaCara website itself offered so much information about each of their programs. They really break each part down for future trainee’s. The classes are capped at 13 students to ensure each individual receives a large amount of one-on-one instruction. Each teacher training provides 2 ERYT’s (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) . One who teaches the anatomical aspects of teaching yoga asana and safe alignment/adjustments; and the other focusing on the philosophical side of the yoga practice and how it can be taken off of the mat. The program is all-inclusive! Meaning I did not have to rent a hotel or apartment nearby to make it to class every day. And the food… THE FOOD! We were blessed with people from around the world, who made the most delicious, whole, flavorful vegetarian food I have ever tasted. I was in disbelief each time I went to the dining area and discovered another amazing meal was waiting. And with each of our meals prepared, came responsibility on our part. Each of us were assigned a time of day to clean the dishes after our meals. Accepting the blessing of the food, and giving back afterwards – a wonderful lesson YogaCara has implemented into their program. The locations are indescribable. I chose to attend the training up in the radiant Canadian mountains of Whistler, British Columbia. (One of the greatest decisions of my life!) Though it is based in Canada, YogaCara offers many other teacher trainings abroad! Ranging from Europe – Scotland, France, Spain, Ireland, etc. – YogaCara also offers courses in Bali, Hawaii or even Costa Rica to learn the beautiful practice of yoga in a suitable zen location.

Having discovered YogaCara Global Teacher Training, my life has forever been changed. I now look at life through a different pair of eyes. Always holding dear to my heart my experience in Whistler, and all of the beautiful people I was able to share it with. What they offer are not just yoga lessons and a Certificate saying you can teach. They help us open up our minds, bodies and hearts to another side of living. They welcome us with open arms, no judgement and an armful of awesome books that can (and will) change our lives.

So what are you waiting for?


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