How Do You Give Back To Yourself?

Many of us work full-time jobs. That means many hours either standing on our feet or sitting down. Though it may not be as strenuous as a workout, those long workdays can often be quite exhausting… both mentally and physically. Despite the fatigue, we should not forget to take care of ourselves. Take a moment to close our eyes, calm our mind and breathe. Whether it is five minutes or an hour, this time we take out of our busy schedule to help ourselves is vital to our health and well-being. We owe it to ourselves!

This past month has been a stressful one. A handful of events, long workdays, and many trips out of town have taken a toll on me. My realization today, however, is not entirely attributed from all of the hustle and bustle… It comes from my lack of living in the present moment. From neglecting my inner self for too long. My outer self, physically, is being taking care of every day. But I cannot seem to give myself a few moments from each day to reflect inward. This going to change today!

Positive Affirmation

I vow to take at least 15 minutes out of each day to act consciously and be present. With each breath I will do my best to unwind and let the stresses of daily life float out of my mind and simply relax.


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